It’s Time to Get Prepared!

May 1st marked the arrival of National Hurricane Preparedness Week, and with the start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season fast approaching on June 1st, it’s time to get a strategy in place. Hurricanes cause vast amounts of damage and devastation, but you can weather the storm safely with the right plan, Review these tips so that you and your loved ones will be ready for anything when a hurricane hits.

  • Discuss with your family what they should do when a hurricane strikes.
  • Make plans for any pets or other animals.
  • Test your emergency communication plans.
  • Collect your insurance policies, important documents and other valuables, and store them in a safe-deposit box.
  • Stock emergency supplies.
  • Make sure you can get updates from NOAA during the storm, whether it’s a station that’s online, on a mobile phone app, or a battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA radio.
  • Clean out rain gutters and downspouts to prevent unnecessary pressure on the awnings and prevent flooding.
  • Fill you car’s gas tank in case an emergency evacuation is ordered.
  • Fill bathtubs and sinks with water.
  • Pack a “go bag”.
  • Fill plastic bottles with clean drinking water.
  • Turn off propane tanks.
  • Unplug small appliances.
  • If possible, move your furniture and valuable items to a higher floor.
  • Find a safe place to store lawn furniture, toys, trash cans, and other outdoor items away from doors and stairs to prevent items being tossed in the wind or causing injury.

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