What Can Happen If You Do Not Have The Correct Type Of Insurance Coverage

You have worked hard to put your world together, sacrificed for your children and saved every dime that you could. You make your mortgage payments on time, and you waited until last year to buy your first brand new car. Now that you have earned all those things you dreamed about when you were younger, make sure some unexpected event does not take it all away from you. You, your car and your home need to be insured.

Coverage for Your Car

You must have auto insurance for several reasons. If you have a blowout and hit a tree, you will want to have your car repaired. If you have full coverage, including liability and collision, all you will have to pay out of pocket is your policy’s deductible. If you hit another vehicle and are proven to be responsible, your liability coverage will pay the medical bills for you, any passengers in your car and any passengers in the car you hit. Your policy will also include the cost for repairing the other driver’s vehicle if necessary. If you do not have liability coverage, you could be sued for all the expenses the other driver incurred plus pain and suffering. That sort of judgment has sent many people to bankruptcy court.

Coverage for Your Home

Home insurance covers a wide range of things that can happen to your home and on your property. Your home will be rebuilt if it burns down. If someone drives their car through your picture window, your home will be repaired. Should Aunt Helen fall off the diving board and break her leg, her bills will be paid if your home is insured. You could lose your home in a negligence lawsuit if you do not have coverage or if your coverage is inadequate. If the roof blows off your house and lands on your neighbor’s car, you could be sued for thousands of dollars. Then, you would have to pay to fix your own roof. When your home is insured, you are covered against theft and vandalism too. Being protected against unexpected disasters and accidents also gives you peace of mind.

Health Coverage

A medical emergency can drain your bank account faster than any other type of calamity. Emergency room visits are expensive, and an extended stay in the hospital can really run up a massive bill. Blood tests, x-rays, surgery, anesthesia, physical therapy and follow-up care costs can quickly become overwhelming. A collection agency is legally permitted to garnish your wages or file a suit against you to recover their debts if you do not pay for your medical treatment.

Nowadays, it is foolish to be uninsured. You need insurance to protect what you have acquired during your life. You also need it to protect yourself in case somebody gets injured in an accident on your property. Having home, car and health coverage will let you sleep better at night.

It is easy to find an insurance agent who can help you decide how much insurance and what type of coverage you and your family require. An experienced agent can give you solid advice that will ensure that you are covered for whatever life throws at you. You can find an agent by asking relatives and friends or by running a search online. Most people will stay with the same company for many years if their agent gives them the service and coverage they need.

Make sure you do not lose your piece of the American dream. Get insured, and stay insured. If you ever need to call your agent in an emergency, you will be glad that you have the coverage you need.

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