There is another storm headed towards Houston.  If the weather guy’s predictions are correct it may be a doozy.  Lately they haven’t been right  half the time but I am getting ready anyway.  Please do a few things to get prepared just in case it gets bad in your area.  The things that I get first are: A few gallons of water, food that doesn’t have to be cooked or refrigerated, and flashlights.    Do not park your cars in the street.  Put them in the garage or high up in your driveway.  Put away or tie down any lawn furniture that can fly into a window.

If you do have damage don’t feel like you have to file a claim right when it happens.  You can I am just saying you have time to file it.  It may be time better spent mitigating the damage or calling someone that can help you like:  ServPro, Blackmon Mooring, Service Master,  or a roofer.

Depending on how bad it is we may not be here tomorrow, Tuesday 6/16/2015.  There isn’t much we can do at the office without power and if there is a lot of flooding I don’t want anyone driving in it.

Good Luck

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