It has been a weird year for claims.   I have  heard from other agents about a few large  claims some of which the client didn’t have coverage for.     There has been a number of cars flooded.  One house burned down from a lighting strike.     A house flooded  a couple months after  the client not paying the bill.  A workers comp claim that was over $80,000 that the client didn’t have coverage for.  A wrongful termination suit that has cost over $50,000.  AC leaks that destroyed floors.  During a remodel a storm ruined $100,000 worth of flooring and interior because the house was not dried in good enough by the contractor.

You never know what is going to happen or when it is going to happen.

Insurance is for those rainy days that can ruin your life or put you out of business.

It is better to have insurance and complain about the cost of it than not have it and be put out of business by a major claim.

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