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We are an independent insurance agency on the southwest freeway in Sugar Land that represents multiple insurance companies on all lines of insurance.   Captive insurance agencies are agencies that only work for one insurance company.  Therefore they are typically only allowed to provide you with one auto quote or one home quote.  As an independent agency we can provide multiple quotes for you from multiple companies.   We can also provide multiple quotes on health insurance.  Whether you are looking for health insurance for you, your family or for your entire company, we can help.  If you are not sure what you want or need, again– we are here to help and answer you questions.

Part of the job of an insurance agency is to provide service and advice on insurance matters.  We are more than just a quoting service.  If you have questions about what type of plan you need or how much coverage you need we are here to discuss it with you.  Some agents and agencies specialize in speed, high volume quoting, and providing the cheapest quote out there.  That is not us.  We believe in discussing the client’s insurance needs and concerns and finding the best coverage for you at the best price.

Typically we can not provide a quote in less than 15 minutes because we are trying to get quotes from a few different companies so we can see which one is the best for you.

“Insurance is not for the things that ruin your day; it is for the things that ruin your life”

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