Hurricane season is coming

August will mark 2 years since Harvey.   Some repairs are finished.  Some people have sold their homes in different stages of repair.  I know a couple people that had to demolish their home and build another house with a higher elevation.   And here it is, hurricane season is a couple weeks away.  I am praying for another  pass this year.   But in case we are not so lucky start thinking about repairs and preparations now instead of the day before landfall when supplies are hard to find.  Trim back trees, caulk windows, check weather-stripping around doors that are exposed to driving rains,  have a roofer check, repair, replace, and/or caulk your roof jacks.  Make sure your flower beds drain out.  Mine held so much water during Harvey I had to go out in the rain and pull down the stones and dig channels around them so the water could drain out instead of back into my house.   I also had to dig a hole under my back fence so the water would drain off into the street instead of going into my garage.  Check and blow out your French drains and area drains.

Here is a good link for preparing:




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