Home Insurance and Dog Breeds

Homeowners are surprised about some of the questions that are on applications for home insurance.    I wanted to put it out there so that if you are looking at a new home you will take it into consideration.   A few things to consider if you are looking at a new house:  does it have a skate board ramp, trampoline, or a pool with a diving board or slide?  There are insurance companies that will not write the insurance with these things on the property.  We will still be able to find you insurance, but it will limit your choices.

Another issue that will limit the insurance companies that will write your home insurance is what kind of dog you have.  Certain breeds are not allowed with some insurance companies.   This is something to really consider before you buy a new puppy.   Some of the breeds that are not allowed are: Akita, doberman, German shepherd, chow, bull mastiff, pit bull, wolf hybrid,  or rottweiler.  These breeds are singled out because they have a history of litigation from dog bite incidents

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