Back-to-School Insurance tips for Parents & Students!

It’s that time of year – back to business, sending your kids off to college for the new school year. Whether they live on campus or off campus, here are some tips for an accident prepared semester!

Home & Living:

  • On-Campus: If you already have renter’s insurance, most of your student’s personal possessions will be covered under your policy. However, some policies might limit coverage for belongings away from home so consider purchasing extra coverage for expensive items like laptops, computers, etc.
  • Off-Campus: If your student is living off-campus, you might want to purchase a renters policy. It’s the best way you can protect your things and yourself in case someone gets injured on your student’s property. Your homeowners or renters policy might not extend to off-campus living. One more thing to consider is, that most landlords’ policies cover the structure of the house/apartment, and not personal items like electronics, jewelry, etc.


  • On Parent’s Policy: If your student’s car is listed on your policy, then your student will have coverage on campus. But please consider the risks:
  1. Young people are more likely to get into accidents, especially around college campuses.
  2. There are more policemen around campus checking for traffic/other violations.
  • On Separate Policy: If your student is on their own auto policy, make sure you get the right limits for your situation. Especially if your student is going out-of-state for college. Talk to your insurance agent and make sure your carrier writes coverage for the college’s state and location.

Don’t forget student discounts!

Students: If you’re a full time student with a 3.0 or high GPA, you can qualify for the good student discount on your auto insurance. Contact your agent to see if you qualify!

Parents: If your student decide not to take a car on campus, you can keep them on your policy for the times they do spend at home, and receive discounts on your auto insurance. Most carriers require that your student be at least 100-miles away from home.

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