Hurricane Harvey

As this storm approaches please be careful and safe with your family and property.

Please  know that most, if not all, of our binding authority has been suspended.

If it is not safe for my staff to be here or more likely, safe for them to get home, I will be sending everyone home early today, Friday 8/25.  And if it is not safe for them to come in Monday we may be closed or with limited staff.

If we lose power to our building or the flooding is bad enough, we may not be here on Monday.  I am going to wait and see.  Depending on how bad this gets we may not have access to phones and email.  I ask that you visit our contact links page, or your insurance company’s website, for claim information.

Or you can wait a day or so to discuss any claims with us and we will be more than happy to help you with it.

If it is safe to do so–try to prevent any further loss as best you can.  Tarps, plywood, turn off water and gas supply lines, etc.

I wouldn’t leave my car in the street the next few days.   Having a totaled car on your claims history doesn’t make your rates go down.

Good luck and stay dry!




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