freshbenies for Employers

 Are you looking for a positive solution for employees as you’re forced to raise out-of-pocket costs?

Do you need to reduce claims costs with a strategy that brings a clear ROI?

Would you like to reduce your HR team’s workload?

Do your employees need help filling the holes in their dental, vision and prescription needs?

Are you looking for a simple way to implement innovative benefits like identity theft protection, legal and pet care savings (without adding yet another vendor)?

Do you need a high-value, low-cost option for part-timers or those who don’t elect benefits?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, check out freshbenies NOW!

freshbenies gives your employees practical tools to help control their healthcare (and more)… in one easy membership!
Contain costs and increase access to care with telehealth ($0 visit fee), doctors online, advocacy, Rx savings and more.
These non-insurance services help you control your healthcare dime, time and peace of mind.

Click below to learn more, review disclosures and watch a quick, fun video! 😉

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